How to clean glorious mouse pad?

How to clean glorious mouse pad

Mousepads are thought to be a useless thing at first, but when you start using mouse pads, you can conclude that it is a very efficient product because they let you move your mouse smoothly on any surface. They are manufactured by using different materials ranging from fabrics to plastic or glass. This is the part of a computer system that requires minor maintenance, but this does not mean that you do not clean it ever. They can stop working efficiently if dirt and debris form layers on them. 

This is not a big problem to worry about because we will help you solve your issue of cleaning a glorious mouse pad or any other mouse pad in this article. We will make you walk through different methods explained step by step to know what you need to do and what things you need to avoid while cleaning your glorious mouse pad. 

How to clean glorious mouse pad?

How to clean glorious mouse pad

As we mentioned above, most mousepads are made of fabric, plastic, and glass, so if you are using a glass mouse pad, you only need a damp cloth soaked in water or use wet wipes to clean it properly. But if you have a fabric or plastic mouse pad, you need to make a little extra effort, but we made sure that the methods we are explaining are the easiest of all, so it is a comfortable, convenient, and time-saving experience for you.

Method # 1: Cleaning mouse pad by hand

Step # 1: The first step of this procedure is that you will need to collect these things to wash or clean your mouse pad effectively.

  • Reasonably large area for washing
  • Warm water 
  • Soap or dishwashing liquid 
  • A brush 
  • A towel

Step # 2: The second step of this procedure is to put the dirty mouse pad in the washing area you selected and then add a little soap or dishwashing liquid on the surface of the mouse pad. It would be best if you made sure that the soap or whatever material you are using to clean the mouse pad is effective in its working and does not harm the mouse pad.

Step # 3: The next step we need to follow is to open the warm water tap to add a little water to the mouse pad. After adding a little water, you need to scrub the mouse pad gently with a brush or scrubbing pad. You can use a little extra force to remove any hard stains. Apply soap and wash every bit and part of the mouse pad.

Step # 4: Repeat the same process or procedure on the other side of the mouse. After scrubbing it properly on both sides, rinse the mouse pad with clean water and thoroughly wash the soap off the mouse pad. 

Step # 5: After rinsing the mouse pad, take it out of the washing area and place it on a thick towel to dry. To quickly dry the mouse pad, you need to cover it in the towel by folding the corners of the towel. Make sure the mouse pad is fully covered with the towel. 

Step # 6: For the next and last step of this procedure, you need to apply as much pressure as you can on the towel-covered mouse pad so it can soak the water left in the mouse pad. After washing the water from the mouse pad, let it dry in the open air so you can start using your brand-new clean mouse pad for a smooth flow. 

Method # 2: Cleaning mouse pad in a washing machine 

Step # 1: If your mouse pad comes with silicone gel or rubber, you need to avoid using the washing machine and use the first method we discussed above. The first is to collect all the materials you will need to wash or clean your mouse pad in the washing machine. The things you will need are;

  • Washing machine
  • Powder soap or liquid soap 
  • Towel 

Step # 2: The second step in this procedure is to toss the mouse pad into the washing matching, cold water, and whatever soap you will use, then start the machine. You can sip your coffee and chill around while the machine cleans it for you. 

Step # 3: The last step is to take the washed mouse pad out of the washing machine and dry it. You can dry it in a dryer, or you can dry it with the help of a thick towel, as we described in the first method. Let it rest in the open air for complete dryness before use. 


To conclude our informational guide on how to clean glorious mouse pad, let us summarize all the points for you to revise it and easily recall it later at the time of need. We discussed two methods of cleaning your glorious mouse pad with a list of things that you may require in the process, so it is easy for you to collect all the things before starting the procedure. We learned everything in detail and step by step so it can be as convenient as possible. 

We hope that our effort has borne fruit as we could make you understand how you can clean a dirty mouse pad. To make this guide more valuable for you here is a quick tip for you, so you know when you need to clean the mouse pad. The cleaning intervals of your mouse pad depend on how much you use it and in which environment you use it. You may need to clean your mouse pad once or twice in two months for a rough sketch.

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